Power Distribution Transformers

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These are used for step up or step down operations in high voltage networks like the transmission ten networks. The differences between the copper loss and the iron loss are managed through optimization of maximum efficiency at full loads. Due to this nature these transformers are designed to operate closer to the knee point at the B-H curve. The core mass can be reduced very much by this strategy. These transformers operate under low fluctuations of load because they are connected on transmission networks. Usually they are loaded throughout the day.

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The specific weight is very less due to the fact that the copper losses and iron losses take place all the time. Power transformers also operate under very high voltages. They are very efficient above 33KV. Because of the high voltages and transmission network operations, these are highly insulated are usually larger than the distribution transformers in size.

Distribution transformers

Distribution transformers are used at lower voltages compared to power transformers. They operate at voltage ranges of 220v – 440v in domestic purpose networks. They can operate anywhere below 33KV in industrial networks. Due to the fluctuations in distribution networks, these do not operate at full load at all times. Since their loads differ, their efficiency is also usually low. They are usually rated at ranges less than 200MVA and have less magnetic loss. It sometimes is referred to as the electrical distribution transformer as it is used in electric power distribution systems.

For their operational specifications, distribution transformer winding consists of a magnetic core built with sheet silicon steel laminations. The primary and secondary windings are wound around this magnetic core where the sheets are set together by steel straps or resins. Aluminium wound distribution transformer uses aluminium winding in place of copper. Manufacturers have adopted to this method because of the concern that copper is less available than aluminium. Also, years of testing results have proved that there is not much difference between the two in terms of the quality of operation or performance.


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